Perpetual not good enougher



How nice to remember this stuff..

Graduated high school but didn't apply for any colleges. Ended up going to community college.
Realized I didn't like college.
Moved in with my dad to help him get his shit together. Realized my shit was not together, so I left.
Realized I wouldn't have any good career type things without finishing college. Went back and graduated with too low a GPA to even be mentioned in the "smart kids" program I was originally enrolled.
Let me mom apply for a job for me. Was accepted, so I took the job to shut her up. Hated the job but it paid well.
Left the job I hated without telling anybody and moved away. Mom found out, disowned me.
Ran out of money, moved in with my dad to help him get his shit together. My shit still was not together. Moved out.
Moved in with friend of a friend. She was crazy. Moved out to live with girl I started dating. Ensue toxic relationship. Moved back in with dad to resume schooling. Still didn't like college.
Accidentally let car insurance lapse. Was driving that way for three months. Pulled over 2 minutes from home. Car impounded, licence suspended, plates seized. Received restricted license and loaner vehicle 2 days later. Fired next day.
Discover Bitcoin. Really find Blockchain tech intriguing. Discover ways to make Bitcoin for free. Tell multiple people about it when it's below 50 cents to buy $100 worth. No one listens.
My Bitcoin gets stolen. People angry with me I didn't try harder to convince them to buy Bitcoin. Resume schooling again.
Girlfriend cheats on me. Her new boyfriend threatens my life.
Academic advisor pulls strings to allow me to graduate because I just could not do Calculus and it kept me enrolled an extra 3 semesters.
Really pulled a scumbag move and ruined a good relationship and friendships through dishonesty. Ended the year on a terrible note.
Stranded across country as Covid-19 arrived and shut everything down. One year internship became two. Ended with no job offer.