Akash Agarwal

terrible software developer



building solutions!

Failed to clear my Intermediate (Integrated Professional Competence) Course exam.
I failed to get accepted for an internship in the firm I applied to.
Failed to clear my Chartered Accountancy final exam.
Decided to freelance as a software developer, created a profile on Upwork. After few projects got banned from the platform because of not having a computer science academic background.
Failed an interview and got mocked by the interviewer for not having relevant skills for the job.
Worked for six months on a software startup idea I had. Launched the product but it failed to gain enough traction to keep paying for the server and customer support fees.
Launched a software for affiliate marketting. It received a good response, but soon enough I realized it was difficult to monetize. The app was gaining enough traffic but I made a mistake in choosing my target audience. I was targetting new affiliate marketers who were not able to pay any membership at the start so I kept the app free. The idea was to register as a global affilaite marketter with top ecommerce platforms and get paid in affiliate commission itself. The deal that was offered to the clients was they can use the app completely free but after every ten campaigns with their tag the app will post one campaign with my tag. Soon enough I realized that amazon disallows registering for multiple regions and shut down my account. Finally I decided to shut down the product and move on.
Developed a bot creator app to make it easy for anyone to create bots without any coding required. Fall in love with the app and dedicated months making it feature packed, I even added the ability to write your own programming code. Finally the app got very complicated for normal users to understand because of too many features. Learned the lesson to always test ideas with MVP and keep it simple so you do not have to explain how it works.